I am me and you are you, capeesh?
Click it. You’re welcome.

Click it. You’re welcome.

I used to notice every little thing and be fascinated by them no matter how simple or insignificant they may seem in the eyes of another person, and nowadays it just feels as if I’m mad with the whole goddamned world. I’m mad at you. I’m mad at this tiny spot I so often find myself sleeping on. I’m mad at the sky, and I’m mad at myself for suddenly being so mad at everything. 

I want to love and I want to appreciate.

But now everything and everyone seem to be like some sort of nuisance. A hassle. An inconvenience. A sliver of wood stuck in the sole of my feet.

How do I get it out? Why is it there? /How/ did it get there?


*an hour later*

Oh, look. All seems to be back to being well and dandy.

Fuck you very much, emotions.



Photographer Christian Ruhm | facebook

The “world dis order” Series includes several pictures of well known places around Germany and Europe. All of them are multiple exposures without any post-processing.

  1. Schauspielhaus near Berlin, Germany
  2. Houses Of Parliament, London, United Kingdom
  3. DUS - Medienhafen near Berlin, Germany
  4. Tower Bridge Road, London, United Kingdom
  5. Reichstag, Berlin, Germany
  6. National Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Water. We can´t live in it nor we can live without it.

Water. We can´t live in it nor we can live without it.